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Canada has been one of the favorite destinations for Students who wish to pursue higher education abroad. Students come to Canada from over 100 countries and enjoy one of the most multicultural and diverse atmospheres while studying in institutions which pride themselves with high quality of education and research opportunities. Canada student visa is the most sought-after visa types that allow entry to Canada.

Canadian educational institutions that accept foreign student range from schools, colleges to universities. Students study at various levels here

• Certificate

• Diploma

• Undergraduate

• Degrees

• Post Graduate Diplomas

• Master’s Degrees PhD

We have a comprehensive list of services that Impact Immigrations provide to students who are planning to come to Canada for higher education or who are already in Canada and require services here.

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At Impact Immigrations, We aim to help you with immigration related objectives. We are one of the best immigration consultants in BC and we offer solutions to complex Canadian immigration problems.

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